Here at Atlantic Dental Associates, we accept most insurances and appreciate that, for many patients, dental insurance allows them to achieve the dental care they deserve in an affordable manner. However, we believe that all patients deserve the same standard of dental health care; even individuals who do not have dental insurance available to them. For these patients we have developed the Atlantic Smiles Club. With the Atlantic Smiles Club you receive the same benefits that patients with insurance receive, plus some! All your benefits are included in the enrollment fee. Members of the Atlantic Smiles Club receive:

  • Routine dental cleanings (Twice per year)

  • Routine dental exams

  • Oral cancer screenings

  • Diagnostic x-rays (including full mouth series)

  • Panoramic x-ray (required once every three years)

  • Topical fluoride treatment

  • All emergency or limited exams (including required x-rays)

  • Twenty percent (20%) discount off all other services

The cost of the services listed above is over $800. However, the annual fee for the Atlantic Smiles Club is just $405 for adults and only $310 for children (ages 17 and below). The benefit period lasts one year from the date of joining the Club, and there is NO maximum, No waiting period, and NO exclusions.

Is the Atlantic Smiles Club for you? Would you like to enjoy these benefits?

No Maximum. Dental insurance programs typically have a maximum benefit that you can use during a calendar year for your dental treatment. Most of these maximums are between $1000-$2000. So, this means, that once your insurance pays for $2000 worth of dental care during a twelve month period, the difference is left for you to pay at 100%. With the Atlantic Smiles Club there is NO MAXIMUM. Your benefits don't end when your savings reach $2000.

No Waiting Period. Many insurance programs require you to wait three to six months before you can use your dental benefits. With the Atlantic Smiles Club you can enjoy the benefits of the Club from the moment you join!

No Exclusions. Nearly every insurance company will deny your insurance claim for one reason or another. They will refuse to pay for a crown because they believe you needed a root canal before the crown was done; they will refuse to pay for a bridge if you were missing the tooth you are trying to replace when you enrolled in the insurance program ("missing tooth clause"); they will refuse to pay for a bridge on one side of your mouth because you are missing two teeth on the other side of the mouth, citing that it would have made more sense or have been cheaper for you to get a partial. These are just a couple of examples of ways that insurance companies are dictating your dental care. We don't believe this is right. With the Atlantic Smiles Club there are no exclusions. Ever.